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Wednesday, September 1, 2004


SICK and TIRED of government "by the GOBs, for the GOBs? Me too. Here's a good rant on subject. GOBs, of course being the "Good Old Boys". If they make it through this upcoming election, we have only ourselves to blame.


Jason Mulgrew said...


jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity

a. said...

Glad you think so. Why don't you enable comments on your blog? Cheers.

asia said...

Man, you shore mess wit yore HTML alot. Looks good though. I like the BUSH IS A LIAR button.

Thanks for the link. I forgot to mention that the burr in my saddle that started me bucking around in the first place was listening to idiot conservative Richard Viguerie (author of America's Right Turn) on The Al Franken Show yesterday morning, broadcast from the Republican Convention. Man, what a jackass. If you can get it on the Air America Archives you should have a listen.

But my saddle blanket is full of burrs. Always was.

a. said...

Glad you like the BUSH IS A LIAR button. I love the more radical Bush bashing things but it's time to buckle down now. There's an election to win and Kerry is still lagging. Yes, lagging because the neo-cons will steal the election again, if Kerry doesn't win by a decisive margin. So are you ready? Sitting down? Breath deep. Okay ... I'm installing a Kerry button next. The "anybody but Bush" time has passed. Kerry's name has to get out there. We can deal with him later but right now...time to hoist the sails, mate.

As for listening to the RNC. I just can't bring myself to do it. This is when I'm really glad I don't have a television. Otherwise, I'd be sitting there screaming at the damn thing. Instead, I spend my precious hours tweeking my HTML. Mmmm....that sounds a bit racy.

Umaga said...

Yes! I totally agree. And watching the RNC has made me sick!

a. said...

The neo-cons have taken a big toxic dump in the middle of the collective mind. We've got to get everyone we can to get out and vote against these monsters.