Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Seattle seagull and bride's party

I was in Seattle last week for the Wonder Women All-Girl (except for my brother) Welcome Party to welcome the lovely Anita into our family. She is my youngest son John's bride. They had a hasty wedding last spring when his company was called up for Iraq. As of yet, he hasn't gone. So that I don't get heady, I keep in mind that things could change in a second but so far, so good. The "real" wedding is planned for this July. It's all very exciting.

I arrived a day early so I went straight from the airport to my brother's office on Puget Sound. That's him showing me his latest project. He's a bio-mathematician and oceanographer. The next day, before the humans arrived, I threw a seagull French fry and photo party on the waterfront. I bought an order of fries at Ivar's, set my camera on continuous shoot, went out on the pier and waited. Seagulls hang out there all day waiting for handouts. One bird in particular set her sites on me and settled right in. I fed her fries with one hand while photographing her with the other. When Lee saw the photos, he thought I should make her my avatar. He said she exactly resembles me. Perhaps he has a point.

That's my daughter Asia on the left and my "new" daughter Anita on the right. I'm a lucky and very grateful person.


Roy said...

Hmmm, this showed up on my rss feed bookmark thing as your latest post, but I see it's a couple years old. I will consider that there was a purpose to this and read it and wonder. At least now I know the origin of the seagull/french fry photo.

asha said...

Sorry Roy. I was adding a label. That's the problem with editing things online, which I often do but yes, the seagull/french fry party was a smashing success.