Saturday, April 29, 2006

7 o'clock magpie

WARNING: This video is hard core Bird Park. So far, none of my friends like it ... no action ... too common ... boring ...etc. etc. They're right but I like it anyway. Just a note: I didn't dub the music in afterward. LOW just happened to be playing while the camera was recording this unevent but they seem to go together very well. A happy synchronicity.

A young magpie happened by the Bird Park one evening and found the French fries I'd put out at the end of the day. She was delighted. Now she often shows up at dusk hoping for more. This particular evening she and her friend were not disappointed.

One more note: In case you're wondering ... that golden pile is not all French fries, just the tiny clump in front. The stuff in the background is straw. I put it out for nests. It is a bird park after all. And it's Spring.

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