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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

95% moon

I just went to bed a few minutes ago then remembered that the small dish of peanuts I put out at twilight for the lovely young magpie was still sitting on the ground. I had to go out and put it away. I don't want to encourage the early birds. They are too noisy, too early. This particular magpie, on the other hand, came by in the evening a couple of days ago and happened upon a plate of French fries I'd put out late in the day. She managed to eat nearly all of them before night settled in. So she came back this evening. I was delighted and put the peanuts out after she left in hopes she'd make a second swoop but no. Perhaps she'll be back and next time I hope to have a treat waiting.

When I was out I noticed the 95% moon or so it looks from earth tonight. The bird park is bathed in its cool light. That word "bathed" gets used a lot by people describing Moon's effect. Sorry for the cliche but it is very accurate and at the moment I'm grateful for the obvious. Momentarily washed by it. Cleansed. Relieved of the world's stain. It's how I felt when I was outside and how I still feel back here, inside, looking at this blazing monitor, writing these words. Through the bare window at my left the light is currently obliterated but the 95% moon is out there. When I turn off the machine and my eyes grow accustom to the night again, I shall again see the world sleeping in that pale sliver glow. I need the night.

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