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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cold tubbing in the rain

"Plenty of tubs, no waiting!
That is my personal guarantee!"
~ Louie, Guardian of the Bird Park"

I'm working on those Campeche photos again today but will have to post them later because I have managed to complicate the hell of the the project. In meantime, I did another video of the ongoing adventures in the Bird Park. I don't know what I'd do without the birdies to help distract me from myself.

In today's exciting episode, a couple of portly pigeons are cold tubbing together in the rain. They are pretty laid back until one bird gets tired of the other's preening and stretching and just generally being a big, fat tub hog and decides to bump him out and into an empty tub nearby.

(warning: 5 minutes - poor quality) I'm often asked why I don't cut these bird videos down to the "action" part insteading of including all the drift. I guess you could say it's a zen thing. Anyway. Whatever else it is it is what it is, a couple of pigeons doing a cold tub in the rain. No agenda. No laugh-track.

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