Friday, July 7, 2006

Automatic letter writer

Helping animals has never been easier since I discovered IDA's (In Defense of Animals) fantastic, automatic letter writer. My god! That sentence sounds like the opening line in an ad for a veg-o-matic in a ladies' magazine but what the hell? It is a goddamn magic letter write-o-matic. Anyway, now I won't feel bad about asking people to write letters on behalf of downtrodden animals so watch out!

Here's how it works. All you have to do is pick the issue you want to address and click on the link. That takes you to the typical email campaign page containing a draft letter on the issue. You can email it as is or edit it as you see fit.

Now here's where the cool, automatic letter writing feature comes in. Once you settle on the words, click "confirm". At this point you can also print the letter out and mail it. Your printer will spit out a nice, clean, professionally formatted finished product ... your letter, as your wrote it, dated, addressed. Just push print and sign. It's great. It is the fast food of activism but not cheezy because a hard copy letter has a bit more heft than a form email. My printer spit out 6 lovely letters in about 10 minutes. Try one out. See how easy it is.

OKAY, that's it from the arm chair activist for now. I've got to get to work on Driftwork. Even on such short notice, and no promotion, we actually gotten some good submissions and the deadline is coming up fast. We're taking it to the printer on the 12th. By the way, we've extended the submissions deadline until this Monday, so think about sending something.

Please support Bill to Protect Animals Sold in Pet Shops

Please Support Ban on Force-Feeding of Birds in New Jersey

Stop Horse Massacre in National Wildlife Refuge

Help Protect Pacific Coast Marine Animals from Drift Gillnet and Longline Fishing

Urge Gov. Blanco to Approve Law Protecting Animal Companions in Emergencies


Anonymous said...

With the recent tragic incident at the Tennessee sanctuary, with one person killed and another seriously injured by an elephant, you have to wonder what is wrong with the sanctuary and why people were in the same space as an elephant in the first place. It was my understanding that only places that used bull hooks still went in with their elephants.

a. said...

I checked the Sanctuary site and googled the incident and found nothing. I've also written them about it but haven't heard back yet. At any rate, I'd be surprized if this ever happened. Can you supply a link to a report? I'd like to know more. Thanks.

a. said...

Here's the Sanctuary site. Maybe you can find a reference. Elephant Sanctuary

a. said...

I just read about the tragic accident you mentioned. I am deeply saddened but continue to hold the Sanctuary and its mission of mercy in the highest regard. We are all subject to sudden tragedy, no matter how well we plan.