Saturday, July 1, 2006

Beatbaby #4

Happy July 1st!
This is a special day for me marking a Flight to Freedom that, it could be said, I'd have been better off not needing to take in the first place. But you never know. I don't want to underestimate the value, or is it the necessity, of the long, winding road. It was a hard won escape that I, we, took which I celebrate today. Here's to freedom!

I spent a little time hanging out over at the Phrontistery (FRON-tis-te-ri) this morning, (n a thinking-place). Forthright's (a.k.a Steve Chrisomalis) language treasure trove. Great place if you haven't been there. I just found out about it this morning myself. Anyway, when digging around in his Compendium of Lost Words I found "fabrefaction", a word which vanished from the English language in 1678, only 26 years after it first appeared. It's a fine word and obviously eager to be part of things again because it followed me home and immediately worked itself into this latest episode of Beat Baby.

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