Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Haloscan's new free features

If you use the free version of Haloscan for your blog comments here is a little news you may not have heard but I'm sure you'll find interesting:

"The new database servers installed last week gave us more breathing room to free up some existing features for more users:

* We no longer move old comments to another database for active, non-premium users—we started un-archiving millions of old comments for users on the free plan earlier this week and all your comments (old and new) should be in your accounts by now.
* Searching of comment / trackback pages is now unlocked for non-premium users
* Mass deletion of comments / trackback pings now available for all members
* And the biggest change—email notification of new comments is now 100% free! So be sure to go and activate the free email notification if you haven’t already done so.
* Update 6/12/2006: Comment threads will always have correct comment counts now no matter how old they are or how many comment threads you have in your account (before this upgrade, the system used to be able to fetch accurate counts for the newest comment threads only)."

Another thing they've changed for Blogger and Blogspot users (others to follow) is that they expanded the blog post retrieval feature to support the comment and trackback management pages. That means that now you see human-friendly blog post titles instead of the cryptic ‘post ID’ numbers you used to see when you went there.

You have to log into your account to enable the new features so, if you haven't already done it, get going.

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