"When truth and compassion part ways, follow compassion." ~ Unknown

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ephemera at dawn, Plonk at 2

A magpie woke me early this morning with a short, loud call. My head was filled with ephemea floating deliciously within reach ... words, connections, images waiting as I slipped out of bed. I grabbed my pencil bag, notebook and followed but in moments the possibilities floating in the stillness faded.

Now it's another hot afternoon. On the upside, Plonk stopped by, traveling alone as usual. Other than the girlfriend he had a couple of years ago seems he doesn't mingle much with the local pigeons. I also keep to myself so we are birds of a feather. Our paths only crossed when he ended up in the middle of the street one fateful afternoon, after he plonked on a car. Anyway, he ate, bathed, rested in the weeds a while then took off. How can you trust me when I say that Plonk, not some look alike, was at the Bird Park? Faith, my friend. You'll have to have faith.

Just after Plonk left a tiny bird landed outside my window and spent a few minutes watching me through the screen. They do that from time to time, the little guys, never the big ones. Seems they are not as fearful as the larger birds, which is odd.

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