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Monday, August 14, 2006

Going backwards

As Saturday has passed and gone I have to post something just to release the Roxy to the backward flow. I'm home from Oregon and at the moment eating soy bologna stuffed in a pita pocket and seasoned with soy mayo, salt and pepper. I'm not a full-blown vegan but after watching the video narrated by Alex Baldwin I moved a couple of ticks further along that continuum ... meaning I'm trying out new things ... rice cream, vegan "butter" and "mayo". I'll let you know how it goes. So far, the mayo gets two spoons up but the rice cream sandwiches are in the trash. Tasty but too sweet and too many calories. I should have bought the plain rice dream or soy ice "cream". All I wanted was something ice something or other, not a cold cookie. Besides they are minuscule for 100 calories. Bah!

We had a good and quick visit in Oregon. I didn't try to do everything which is the great secret for a short trip. But the big news is that I did a full revolution on the recumbent at the gym today! I know that's not mind-boggling like Brent and Eivind's adventure riding through Canada on a homemade recumbent attached an old couch but it was a breakthrough for me. I'm delighted even though, so far, I can only do it going backwards.

Also, if anyone knows which poem the quote below is from I'd really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

"On clear days such as these..."

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