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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Image doping

I took this photo of Mt. Shasta on our way to Oregon this weekend, but as people are touchy lately about doctored photos, I want to warn you that I doped the image. I didn't change it much, just cleared up the haziness and brought out the color of the mountain a tiny bit, but photo isn't the "way it was", whatever that was.

I have to laugh though about all the fuss over doctored images. What do people expect? Take televsion for example. Seconds of TV time cost tens of thousands of dollars but "news" items air for free, courtesy of the sponsors. Truth in reporting? My god! How naive is that? It blows my mind. What are people thinking? That politicians and multi-billion dollar corporations are honest? When the White House releases a photo of Bush it's as staged and phony as any Hollywood poster ever was. It's called Perception Management ... Truth®. "Photo ops"? Come on. It's the fine art of using the camera to lie. Yes! Cameras lie. Movies lie. We all know it but want to believe the news anyway, as though somehow Big Media holds our trust sacred. Viewer beware. If that blows your cookie, wah-fucking-wah. Sober up.

I've always preferred Eastern Philosophy because at least it gives main stage to the idea that so-called "reality" is maya or illusion. But materialists don't want to know that, spoils the fun, plus it's a lot of work using your brain when you're hypnotized. Then add the extra difficulty of facing reality when you're an idiot in the first place. People like nice, spoon-fed American Dreams, pablum for the lazy mind, so now we're up to our eyeballs in lies and outraged when we notice that fact. Crazy, but as the saying goes, "nothing changes if nothing changes" and I must say, harsh as it sounds, change is a hell of a lot harder when you're hooked up to the brain drain.

tv images courtesy of TurnOffYourTV

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