Saturday, August 5, 2006

Saturday at the Roxy - 05.06

Just a quick note about the feature of the day, "Night Life in Reno". However tame and cliched it looks now, it shocked and outraged a lot of people in it's day. They felt it glamourized "modern behavior" and in reaction pushed for the Motion Picture Production Code of 1930, aka the Hays Code, which started being enforced in 1934. It's a simple plot but almost an hour long so when I played it, I diminished the window to the size of the viewer and half watched it as I surfed other sites.

Get ready to take the
Boob Test

Feature Film
Night Life in Reno
1931 - run time 57:33

The Show, by ZeFrank
Yes, I'm shamelessly grinding the birthday theme
into the dirt but still I think you'll enjoy this epidsode
which he claims is Run out of Underwear and Contemplate
how far you can get on an Empty Tank of Gas Day.

Alex Baldwin does the voice over for the last clip of the day.
It's the video the meat industry doesn't want you to watch
so I won't blame you if you chicken out
but I hope you have the heart to open your heart and
take the plunge

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