Monday, September 4, 2006

Steve Irwin, one of the good guys

So sorry to hear Steve Irwin died today but it doesn't seem appropriate to add RIP after his name. If there is life beyond I doubt he's ordered up a fluffy cloud or rocking chair. I'll miss him. I really appreciate that with his life he brought so much awarness and compassion to creatures worldwide. He was a joy.

Steve Irwin / UF Gators - YouTube

Cries over dead croc - YouTube


Maktaaq said...

I stopped watching tv a few years ago but I did watch a few episodes of Irwin's show back then. Kind of makes me want to turn on the tv again...

a. said...

I tossed my TV a few years ago also. Since then I only watch when traveling, which is way more than enough. However, I do wish Animal Planet and a few other channels had a bigger web presence.