Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tonopah Nevada, one more time

Here are a few photos from my weekend in Tonopah.

Proud home of the Tonopah Muckers

World weary lama
downtown Saturday afternoon "petting zoo"

Main Street, downtown Tonopah

"The Last Picture Show"
This file was supposed to be about a desperate little town
in Texas but many of the scenes were filmed in Tonopah,
including the street scene used on the official poster for the film,
hanging in Tonopah's Convention Center.

One block off of Main

Thrift shop


Miner's house

located just north of the outhouse.

View of Mizpah Hotel on Main St.
as seen from cabin next door.

Polaroid of a guy drinking a beer
found in this shack. Yes, I left the photo there.
It's waiting for you.

Back side of heaven

Wild hot springs a few miles from town.
The water was too hot in the middle of the day
to do anything but soak our feet.

Local newspaper clippings 1907 - 1911
Tonopah museum

An incredibly different style of journalism.




Old Tonopah graveyard

revisited again

Baby William's doll
Something moved the doll since my last visit in the spring

Unknown baby
the wind has rubbed the name away

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