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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bye- bye baby, bye-bye...

Our eaglet has flown the nest. Unfortunately, I missed it but greencashew did not and was kind enough to post the Big Event on YouTube, along with a video of her return to the nest 48 minutes later.

Sooner Bald Eagle fledges 06/16/09 6am

She also made a nifty time lapse history of our lovely bird-child beginning back when she was a wobbly little tuck and ends with her doing a a little poop squirt while wiggling to get under her mama. Parents of newborns, you know about that. In this particular slice-of-eagle-life you may wonder why greencashew included so many less than stellar images of the surrounding area. My guess is to establish emotionally the patience involved in tending the nest. With that in mind, and helped along by a a rather emotive sound track, I am moved to near tears every time I watch it. I'm easy.

And if that's not enough eaglie goodness for you, greencashew also posted a ton more of our Sutton Girl, including one of a parent swallowing a rat whole.

And if you still want more, greencashew has more. She also documented other fledglings this spring. Just a warning. If you do go to her personal YouTube page, be prepared for an eye-blasting background loop of lightening in an evening sky, a snazzy little clip greencashew recorded from her front porch. It hurts.

And, by the way, you can still see our little fledgling live on the Sutton Center eaglecam as she continues to hang around the lake. According to their latest entry, she's a little fatty, baby fat that is, so not eating every day. Typically, the parents feed the hell out the babies to get them off to a good start and it seems hers did. So there you have it. Off to a good start. Yay!

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