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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Free Hug Guy gets pranked by #2 Deluxe Hug Guy proving once again what....? that people are idiots? or money can buy happiness? I dunno. Anyway, happy Valentine's Day or Single's Day or whatever. Don't be cynical. It's a day. Share it with somebody, even if it's just your dog. What the hell?


Roy said...

For some reason that just reminded me of an ad we used to see every spring for several years running in the local paper:

Orange kittens.

That seemed like such a perfect price for a kitten. An orange one, anyway.

Anyway, hope you had a happy whatever. And that $2 hug guy was getting on my nerves.

asha said...

He gets on my nerves too. Slimy.

Orange kittens? I like orange cats. Clarence the Bastard is orange. He lives next door. Of course we mean Bastard with the utmost affection although the birds have no respect for him.

Roy said...

My best cat is orange. He is real smart. When we first brought him home, the second time he wanted out, instead of meaowing at the door he stood up on his hind legs and tried to turn the doorknob with his paws.

I'm afraid he's a bit of a carnivore, though.

asha said...

Seems a cat like that should have an orange silk lounging jacket.

Roy said...

He does.