Saturday, April 3, 2010


I'm in Concord tonight helping with a quasi-emergency kind of thing, nothing too serious (probably) but urgent. We have the weekend to close out the apartment of an incapacitated family member. I have to say, it puts things in a very peculiar light.

Anyway, here are a few photos from last week in Tonopah.

Karaoke goodness is pretty rich but if you're up for more, I posted the second video here.


Roy said...

Looking lively and colorful as usual! If I ever finish my opus, "O Tonopah," I hope to have Zeke to do the vocals.

Don said...

My dad's in Concord, not yet incapacitated, but I mean Concord, CA and evidently there is also a Concord, OR and a Concord, ID; but not a Concord, NV. This plus the fact you saw things in Tonopah I did not. Clearly I need to return.

asha said...

Roy, I think Zeke is actually a ghost miner. Tonopah is full of them. Man oh man, with him doing the vocals your masterpiece "O Tonopah" will definitely be a chart topper.

Don, Concord CA and yes, it is a town of many secrets.

Roy said...

I will now share my secret "town finder" app with you. Take a look at this link:

I searched for "Concord," but neglected to specify a state, so Weather Underground graciously supplied a list of all cities named Concord, and their respective states.

asha said...

Weather is a touchy subject around here at the moment. Mr. Lee is in anguish because two feet of snow fell in the Sierra last night. Ski bums. I think they'd rather have their finger nails pulled off one by one than spend a powder day in the flat lands as though they are mortals.