Monday, October 4, 2010

Tortuguero outtakes

The only way to Tortuguero
is by boat or plane.

We went by boat.

View from Casa Marbella.

This little Capuchin had a pretty good view of us from her tree.

Mr. Lee spotted this
little turtle on the forest path.

Don't worry. She isn't dead!

She looked dead. She was pretty far from the shore and she was covered with horrible stinging red ants but she moved her head when I photographed her. I immediately scooped her up with a leaf and rushed her towards the beach. The damn ants started swarming up my arms. The little bastard's really bite. I think they inject some kind of acid. Anyway, I had to put her down a couple of times along the way to brush them off. But we made it to the water, I released her to the sea and, as far as we could tell, she swam away but at least we know one thing for certain... the fucking ants didn't get her.

M. Lee also found this beautiful sand dollar on the beach. It was too fragile to consider trying to get it back to Nevada and, even if I managed to get it there intact, it would be in Nevada... a damn desert .... so I photographed it and left it on its beach.


Roy said...

Glad you made it. I was a little distressed when I saw the turtle--having stopped scrolling before the caption, but I was relieved when I rolled down.

asha said...

Yes, she was a very sad sight. She was covered with ants. I didn't want to traumatize anyone but it was the only photo I got of her although it doesn't really capture her desperate plight. After that the action started. The good news is that she did disappear into the waves. Seems if she were dead she'd have washed back up on shore.

Don said...

But ... the prime directive!

Roy said...

But ... the prime directive!

It's OK. When she gets back with her turtle buddies, none of them will believe her outlandish tales of the giant silver haired primate with the opposable thumbs.

Kimberlee said...

Estas un afortunado tortuga! Muy bien amiga.

Thank you for the photos lush green, black sand white shells I'm missing the travel a little right now:( It's the rainy season here in Vancouver....wait it always raining here?

Mr. Donut said...

I'm pretty sure that pond turtle was just recovering from the last time some well-meaning traveler tossed her into the sea...(again? dammit!)

Kimberlee said...

Did you guys fly or boat?

asha said...

We took the boat. It's the way to go.