Friday, January 28, 2011

Cool dog moving lawn

This clip has made the rounds so you've probably already seen it. I just found it but, if it doesn't make you smile again, I'll refund your money.


Roy said...

It's good to see that dogs are adapting and evolving just as we are.

Do you think I could get my cat to shovel snow?

Roy said...

Word verification: cornsom

"She was a cornsom woman, and moved across the room with the purposeful grace of a hay baler.

asha said...

Roy, my guess is that your cats are better suited to be therapy pets, you know, the ones who visit old folks homes and let people pet them.

"Cornsom". Nice. Very visual word. My uncles ran a hay baler. It's an awesome machine the way it scoops up loose hay and poops out bales.

Lawn Mower Battery said...

Aww! This is a cute video. It definitely made my day. I love the idea of the dog mowing the lawn. It's just so cute! :)