Thursday, February 17, 2011

Naked censorship

I was listening to an NPR interview this morning on FX radio. The question was what part did Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac play in the financial meltdown and whether or not the government should pull the plug on them. The opinion of the fellow being interviewed was that they were very small players in the crash. He started listing the names of our unregulated private sector... Wall Street banks and corporations that are the real culprits when suddenly his words were blotted out by about 30 seconds of mindless music. When the program resumed, without that crucial piece of information, one would be led to believe that Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac were the cause of the problem. Censorship or coincidence? Decide for yourself. I have.

And, while we're on the subject,
posted an article today that's worth checking out:
Why haven't the banksters who stole the planet been tossed in jail?

It's based on a recent article at Rolling Stone:
Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?



Don said...

Censorship on NPR? I doubt it. Certainly not so clumsily. Have you looked at for the interview? What was the name of the interviewee?

asha said...

I just did a quick search and couldn't find it. I heard the program in the car on FX radio. I don't know which show the interview was on. There is more than one NPR station on this radio and I'm not very familiar with it yet. It's national NPR. I am used to listening to our local stations out of Sacramento and Reno. Many of the NPR programs on FX are different. I'd never heard this particular one before. Anyway, if it was an accident, the interruption was incredibly unprofessional. It was suspiciously timely. I don't know what else to say about it other than it creeped me out and left me feeling very uncomfortably isolated at the dead end of a one way media.

Mr. Donut said...

XM Radio. Satellites in space. Alien incursion? Government cover up? Cue the muzak, this goes deep.

asha said...

Oh. XM. Right. I knew it had a X in it. THX! And yes. As you mention, it goes deep so be careful Mr. Donut. Perhaps your center is a Black Hole.