Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Note to future self

The Gathering by ashabot
The Gathering a photo by ashabot on Flickr
Home. It doesn't feel like it. I've been mostly gone or coming and going since last March. Five months. We got back this afternoon from the loop to Seattle for my high school reunion then Oregon to see family and friends and now... home. It's a strange word. I filled the bird feeders, picked up the mail, watered the cactuses and now, before trundling off to bed, have checked in here.

Hello. That is all for now.


Roy said...

Welcome back. In your absence the Busy Bee started an open mic night, which was last night, but Laslo spent the first five time slots explaining the physics behind his ornithopter, Denise fell asleep and most of the patrons stepped outside to watch a fire engine go by and never came back. This morning I opened up and saw a keymonica in the trash can by the kitchen. Maybe now that you're back, things will pick up.

Roy said...

word verification: dismingl v. to go stand by the wall as far away from everyone else as possible.

Don said...

Still fighting my dismingling tendencies. Nothing new over here.

asha said...

Hey buddies-'o-mine. Great to see your smiling faces drawn on the steamy window!

Damn! I missed open mic night. Might as well take my coffee and go sit with my back to the wall at that table in the corner and dismingle awhile.

Roy said...

You're just a wall flower, Don. Even though the word verification this time is "flour." Wall flour. That's me. Wop!! Just a strand of pasta on the wall of life.

Asha, no, sorry, you can't have your post back. It's mine and Don's now.

You're welcome to chime in, of course. We're nothing if not magnanimous.

Roy said...

Oops a little synchronastic defibrillation there and our comments passed each other on a couple of fiber strands somewhere in Albuquerque. Sit anywhere you like! Doris will keep you cup filled even if you sit facing the wall--but we don't want that.

asha said...

synchronastic defibrillation?

Whew. I was molting into the insane bells of Antigua that some mad priest rings for hours in the dead of night.

Anyway, I won't fight you over the post but you might have to deal with Don but, if you're lucky, he will be too dismingled to notice.

developmentbucket said...
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