Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Upper 1 Percent

"WE ARE THE 1 %"

Traders at the Chicago Board of Trade verbally mooned the rest of us, the 99 %, with this sign in the window the other day. The irony is that so many middle and lower income people still support Wall Street by voting for its lap dog Republican and Tea Party politicians.

Screw the bloody bastards.

Update, Saturday Oct. 8:
We're dog-sitting Heidi for some friends who are currently vacationing on the East Coast. They ended up attending the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in DC and, as it happened, got interviewed by a reporter from the New York Times. He is quoted in the opening of the article:

“There’s a lot of people here with different ideas and various causes,” he said, “but I think that the bottom line is that we feel we’ve surrendered our nation to a corporatocracy.” - Gary Wood, Minden NV

Well said!

Heidi says: Way to go, guys!


Roy said...

Wow. What assholes. I wonder what they're thinking.

I think I'll move to Sicily, blow my retirement account on a hovel and two motorcycles and REALLY retire.

(Or Puglia.)

Paula said...

Seriously STUPID. If I had it, I would not be flaunting it. People are really angry. The 1% can laugh and sneer, feeling safe, and then...

asha said...

Sicily. Great idea. I still want to live in a hovel in Paris.

Paula, that's what I thought too. SERIOUSLY stupid.

Aileen said...

"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!"

asha said...

Aileen, perhaps the Upper 1 Percent will toss us Twinkies and Ding Dongs.

Roy said...

Re the update, I am finding this all very interesting. 99% is a lot, right? Like, wa-aaay more than what's needed to win an election. About time the 99% started voting, arguing amongst themselves, and all that. Just like a democracy. When the 1% pipes up, tell them to vote and shut up.

asha said...

Roy, I agree 100_fucking_%!

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