Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tofurky Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't worry, my love. We're having tofurky.


Paula said...

No turkeys were harmed in our TG! But we didn't have tofurkey either. Have you tried seitan? Was interesting, though we are not a fan of substitute meats (I didn't realize it would end up being the texture of chicken). We also had a most delicious broccoli pesto pasta -- turns out you don't need cheese in pesto!

I am not vegan and did this for my youngest daughter ... was fun and yummy! Also, my father loved it. :) (My oldest daughter didn't love it, but she's fussy anyway.)

asha said...

Yay!!! That makes me happy. I love seitan. And your broccoli pesto pasta? Fabuloso! Happy holidays can be for the animals too!