Friday, December 9, 2011

Fatty report

Not Fatty the Hawk but
another Fatty from last year
just before he snagged and
devoured one of the finches
enjoying breakfast
in the Bird Park.
We've had a blue sky cold week here in Nevada, just the kind of weather that drives birds to the feeders but Fatty the hawk has been hanging around so, for a couple of days, everyone stayed away. Fatty's a saucy little fellow. I invited him to go elsewhere but he was totally unimpressed. All I got for my effort was a "One step closer, girlie, and you're mine" look and an impassioned pitch from M. Lee about Predator Rights. I know. Hawks get to eat too. I'd just prefer they do it somewhere else. I don't like it when any of my bird buddies gets eaten alive. Finally Seven o'clock Magpie, the Bird Park's self-appointed magistrate, took it upon herself to make Fatty's life miserable enough that he stayed away until late yesterday afternoon and so far today he hasn't showed up at all. Now, if the damn cats would bugger off...


Roy said...

Good for 7Magpie. You realize you have created a very complex ecostructure there. All you need now is a couple of stray dogs, and a dog catcher. Be sure to keep your camcorder handy if such a situation develops.

asha said...

Yes. The place has gone full circle. Clark complements me for creating a private hunting park for cats and hawks. As for stray dogs and their complimentary catchers, that brings us to the subject of one Mr. Baxter Blackwell who deserves his own entry which I will now go write and post.