Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook

Marty Smith
Credit goes to M. Lee for digging up this article posted by Paul Vincent Spade, Professor of Philosophy at Indiana University. I did a little research on its author Marty Smith. Seems he's currently playing guitar for the Portland band Slutty Hearts. The Free Agent, one of Portland's many fine but unfortunately now defunct alternative newspapers, published it in 1987 and Utne Reader, now Utne, republished it in 1993. Maybe to appreciate it you have to be a depressive type like me but I think it's hilarious.


Roy said...

It IS hilarious. Better than Woody Allen could have come up with, even though he said of an advanced college math course: "formerly unsolvable equations are met with by threats of reprisals."

Roy said...

Apparently George W. Bush has a new job--writing word verifications for google: nuckelly. Actually, I think he's getting worse.

asha said...

Yes. What's not to love about an omelet made of "cigarette, some coffee, and four tiny stones".

Bush can't verify his ass.