Monday, January 16, 2012

News at 3:52 PM

Time to roll this thing forward. We're in So. Oregon at the moment and driving to the Bay Area in  the morning. More family business. A couple of years ago M. Lee's sister had a sudden, baffling break with reality. For her own safety, we had to move her out of her apartment and into assisted living and ever since, and till death do us part, we must monitor her care. It's been a couple of hard years for her but the good news is lately things have been getting better. New meds, thanks entirely to M. Lee who never gives up.

Generally this is a turn around trip but this time, after such a sad Christmas, we're staying a few extra days for some RnR. We've rented a house by Lake Temescal in N.E. Oakland. It's a million dollar place M. Lee found on AirBnB. It costs less than it would to stay at our usual crappy, noisy, worn out motel. If you haven't heard of airbnb, check it out. It's definitely a game changer.

Oh, and happy Martin Luther King day. BTW, what's up with it being in January? January is a crappy time to have a Day. Who wants to go to a BBQ in January?


Paula said...

Good luck. Sharon just went back up to Berkeley yesterday. Cold there. Cold down here, too.

asha said...

Thanks, Paula. Cold, eh? Damn. But then maybe it will translate into snow in the Sierra. It's been like spring all winter there.

Roy said...

Yeah, have a good trip, and good luck. Say hi to the Bay Area for me.

If you see a skinny kid roaring down El Camino in a green '55 Chevy, it's a temporal echo of me, due to a resonant frequency in the space-time continuum which occurs every 44 years. Just kind of get out of the way--the brakes are only fair.

asha said...

Roy, the Bay Area says hi and wonders where the hell you are. So that skinny kid with the ducktail and fuzzy dice swinging from the rearview mirror was you? Should have known. Thanks for the warning. He just missed us this afternoon but nice ride. Great color.