Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Etude leaves the garage

Etude leaves the garage
Etude developed a soul warbling songs in the dark to the mice for weeks after being thrown in the trash. I felt very sad when the little fellow finally grew silent. Naturally, I assumed he'd died.


Paula said...

Aww, glad he's still with us!

Roy said...

Poor Etude, being erased once in awhile is the price you pay for having a soul. You are always redrawn again.
Perhaps until you are ready to come back as a harmonica, a clarinet, and, finally, a breath of fresh air.

asha said...

Paula, me too. You gotta love his pluck.

Roy, I hate that "getting redrawn" phase. Been through that a few times myself. But I'm still not sure if I can tell the difference between "getting it right" and "getting it different".

Mr. Donut said...

Is that a Jeep XJ peeking through the door?

asha said...

Yes, indeedie, Mr. Donut. That is a Jeep XJ peeking through the door. Good eye.