Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Women and children first"


Republican version of women and children first then the world.

Here's Romney's proposal:

  • Make contraception less available to poor women by getting rid of Planned Parenthood.
  • Make the option of abortion illegal by signing a Personhood Amendment.
  • Make access to prenatal care and pediatric care less available by gutting Medicaid.
  • Then force mothers out of the home so that they can't even raise their own children.
  • Gut public K-12 education.
  • Gut grants for College Education.
  • Continue outsourcing jobs to third world countries where people will work for .50 a day.
  • Gut Medicare and Social Security.
  • Gut the environment upon which life as we know it depends.


Roy said...

I'm afraid that pretty much sums it up. No one has noticed, apparently, the use of a phrase normally reserved for a sinking ship.

Paula said...

But all a woman has to do is find a guy making a shit-ton of money whom she can count on to take care of her and her/their kids FOR LIFE. That shouldn't be difficult...

someone said...

especially if he is a backward mormon who can support multiple wives and endless numbers of children.

We are lemmings to the cliff, its all downhill from here.

Don said...

I don't understand the 3rd to last point:

"Continue outsourcing jobs to third world countries where people will work for .50 a day."

How does a President have influence for or against this?

I think there are tax proposals that would encourage investing foreign-made dollars here, but that's a Congress thing.

The rest is horrible enough but I'm afraid this plutocratic republic of ours is rendering me apathetic.