Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh. It's just you.

That's the response I get from a lot of the birds out in the Bird Park when I sit down at my computer, as I did just now. Before they figure out it's just me they do that little crouch birds do before launch then they notice it's just me, straighten up and go back to their business. I'm flattered.

Other than that, the feeling in the house among us two humans is as though we are drawn up into a great wave that is, in six days, going to come crashing down around us. Ready or not, we leave on Friday and will be gone until the end of July.

So, last week M. Lee decided to paint the house alone by hand. It's been on the project list for a few years. At this point, were you to ask, he might say he underestimated the job. In any case, it has upped the pressure about a thousand degrees. Other than that, for me, traveling is always preceded by great, amorphous anxiety and I am fully in it. I worry about the birds. Don't even say it. I know how pathetic that sounds, as though I am Mother Nature incarnate.They are wild. They will, somehow, survive my absence. My regret, in part, is purely selfish. Currently, a group of red wing blackbirds are regular customers at Bird Park and all day long they fill the silence with their charming conversation. This is the first time they've been regulars and, of course, they will be long gone when we get back. I know that's nothing but it at least it distracts me from the anxiety of what I'll forget to do or bring and how horrible that 10 hour flight is going to be.

Anyway, thanks for listening, if you got this far. I don't know why but it helps to write about it but it does and, like the message in the bottle, it's comforting to think there is another shore. Now I've gotta go. I've got a list of things to do. Have a great day.


someone said...

I primed my old house by hand. By my one hand. Alone. My brother Marc helped me one day, but he was dying and on morphine so he just kind of scraped in a small circle that interested him. The primer was like elmer's glue, thick and unwilling to flow in any direction, which, because of the age of the house, was useful, but it took forever and was like pushing mud uphill at times.

We paid a guy to paint our house this year. Best money I've spent.

btw, we're putting the house on the market. Heading for the country.

Paula said...

Aw, I'm going to miss you even if the birdies don't!

asha said...

Heading to the country? Where? So. Oregon? When? Will you be able to make it to Jim's memorial next weekend? We need to talk.

Your house painting sage sounds like a nightmare but it makes fpr a good story now.

asha said...

Paula, awwww thanks but don't worry. I'll be around same as always so keep a light in the window.

Roy said...

Don't stray too far from the Internet!

asha said...

Roy, we are everywhere.

someone said...

Moving to Forest Grove area most likely. Have to stay home to show the house so will miss Jim's service. I'll call you, would like Cathy's address to send a card.

Have a wonderful trip. Again. Still.