Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo dump

Gargoyle, Windsor Castle
Once again, I'm overwhelmed.

Street market wares
London Saturday flea market
I've already taken far too many photos to manage and we're only just over a week into this trip.

Huron St., London
Huron St., London
The flat we're renting is on this street.

It happens every time.

Chinese bride & St. Paul
Wedding photo shoot.
St. Paul's cathedral.
The groom standing off to the right.
Anyway, we came upon this fun scene the other day while walking to the tube.

Wedding photo shoot

These gigantic, multi-location, muli-costume professional photo shoots are the current fashion at the weddings of young Chinese couples.


They didn't seem to mind me taking a few of my own.

Wedding shoot

So, that's it for now. As usual, I'm up too late lost in the hodge podge. 

Reflections with a horse
Chelsea reflections


Don said...

Wow. Yes. An overwhelming concert of images is a place like London. My first time, I bought an external hard drive that automagically sucked pictures off my memory card because in those days no cards were big enough for the trip's worth. (Why I didn't just take multiple cards I now don't know ...)

I'm sure it took you a long time just to decide which eight pictures to show.

Paula said...

Nice collection! Thanks for sharing and checking in. :)

Jeannette said...

Great pics. Don't worry about organizing them. When you look back at your time overseas, it will be a blur anyway so might as well put up pics the same way! Looking forward to seeing more. Your trip will be my vicarious vacation.

asha said...

Don, I so know what you mean.

Paula, thanks. :)

Jeannette, great idea! Thanks.