Sunday, June 3, 2012

Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, Day Two

Rainy day in Tooting Bec
Rainy day in Tooting Bec

A.M. It's raining in Tooting Bec. Too bad. Today is the Queen's grand river pageant on the Thames. We decided not to attend. To begin with, M. Lee's mom is 82 so we thought, with over a million people jostling for a view, we'd do better watching the broadcast from home instead. So, we're taking the tube this morning to the nearest grocery store to pick up some things for our own version of high tea and watch all the fun live online via the skyNEWS feed.

High tea & Jubilee
High tea and Jubilee

It is almost 6. Nearly the entire flotilla has now passed by the Queen as she stands in review with her entourage on the Royal Barge in furious rain. They are saying that it's cold enough to see your breath. The fly pass of military jets, the grand finale, had to be cancelled due to the weather but the Queen has stayed strong through it all. My hat is off to her. In the brief time we've been in London I have really come to appreciate the fine standard she has set during her 60 years as Monarch. We have no such thing in America and have torn ourselves apart trying to establish a reference point.

London Philharmonic Orchestra serenades the Queen
London Philharmonic Orchestra and choir's grand finale serenade.

Finally, the London Philharmonic Orchestra boat arrives before the Queen. They serenade her with several rousing numbers including a happy little sea shanty which brings smiles then laughter from Her, Camilla and Kate. And at last they sing the National Anthem which thereby brings this glorious Pageant to a merciful close.

Footnote: An especially big hit around here today was the unexpected appearance along the river of Joey, star of War Horse currently playing at the National Theater. Swami, Ella and Minerva were thrilled.


Don said...

Gear fab! My cousin left London just a few days ago, regretted missing the big event but didn't regret missing the rain.

Kristiana said...

I especially like the dramatic close up at the very end of the video -- my god, the raw emotion . . . it's so moving.

But, ahem, I thought the unexpected thrill of the day was the Thea Princess Jubilee via Skype. Am I alone here?

asha said...

Glad you liked the vid. You've always had an awareness of...shall we say....the deeper reality? Spot on. The raw emotion at the end nearly pulls my heart out of my chest every time I watch it.

OMG! The Thea Princess Skype Jubilee was indeed The BEST!!! I very much agree. has been four months since the last Deconstructionist update on Herself. Send photos immediately!!!