Monday, July 2, 2012

Free day

We finally saw the Paris everyone comes to see because yesterday was free day at the Louvre. It was jammed. The queue into the pyramid was about a mile long most of the day but, just so you know, there is another entrance. Through the underground mall. We walked right in. We did not go to see the Mona Lisa. We'll do that when it's less crowded. But we did see the "Old Guy" aka the Statue 'Ain Ghazal. My new favorite. A very cool guy, oldest in the Louvre, 9000 years old, on loan to the Museum for 30 years. Sorry. Out of time. Pictures to follow. M. Lee is about to assemble us for our trip to the Île de la Cité. Gotta go.

Venus de Milo
Venus de Milo

I googled Google images for Paris just now. They are nearly all of the Eiffel Tower. Of course, I photographed it anyway.


Roy said...

Well, for what it's worth, I think this may be the only picture of the Venus de Milo taken from behind that I've ever seen.

Anyway. OH yeah, I once saw a picture of a bridge in Vietnam with the name "Eiffel" cast into the concrete end post of the railing--it was a very short, low bridge, and probably not visible from anyone's apartment window.

re the old guy, I did not know about him. Googled and found pictures. He looks rather alien. I hope you got pics.

asha said...

I did get photos of the Old Guy but didn't have time to post them this morning before we left. Coming soon.

I'd love to see the Vietnam Eiffel pop up in a search for Paris.

Poor Ms. de Mio. I got the distinct impression she's very tired of having strangers stare at her.

Roy said...

I think we should give the poor girl a first name: Valerie. Valerie de Milo. Her dad owns a deli. He disowned her because of her nude modeling career, and the whole time all she is trying to do is pay back her college loan, because she can't get a job in her field (marine biology.) She has a boyfriend in Naples who is a jerk, and still owes her $400 and never returned her scooter.
I did find some iron works bridges in Laos ( I think ?) designed by Eiffel.

Roy said...

Oh, right after he asked for her hand in marriage, he broke it off . . .

asha said...

he broke it off . . .


Valerie's dad was really a prude. What's not to love about art?