Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photos du jour


People of Paris
Woman and flowers by Quai du Valmy

Homeless camp along the Seine
Homeless guys watching TV under bridge over the Seine.

Mimes in Paris
Mimes along Quai de Valmy

Bazar on Boulevard Barbès
Father and son bazar on Boulevard Barbès.
The son is out of sight but the father is seated inside.

Mannequins on Boulevard Barbès
Mannequins on Boulevard Barbès


Roy said...

I think that woman smoking in the window is giving you the stink eye.

Paula said...

Mimes are cool. Thx for sharing!

asha said...

Roy, I noticed that too. First that cat in the Montmartre Cemetery and now her. WTF?

Paula, I like mimes too. They've always fascinated me. Glad you like them.