Thursday, September 20, 2012

Art Brut & Centre Pompidou

Art brut:  Art by psychiatric patients, prisoners, and children according to Jean Dubuffet who coined the term. Low art. Outsider art. I fit somewhere in that. So said, here is my latest. It was a bday present for M. Lee last week. The image is based on a photograph I took of him wandering through Dubuffet's Jardin d'hiver (Winter Garden) at Centre Pompidou in Paris this summer. Along with this huge installation, we spent hours wandering through their MASSIVE collection of fabulous art. I believe, of all the museums we visited this summer, it was my favorite.

M. Lee in Dubuffet's Jardin d'hiver
(acrylic on poster board)

So, as you might expect from any outsider/psychiatric patient/criminal/child artist type, the perspectives in this painting are a bit askew so don't try following them out. I do think I captured the essence of M. Lee rather nicely though, and all in one day, although he was a bit concerned about being a blue alien.

Centre Pompidou, Paris

M. Dubuffet


Kimberlee said...

I love it!

Kimberlee said...

OK really? It took me 7 tries to prove I'm not a robot why are the words so crammed together I can't distinguish the letters???

asha said...

Hi Kimberlee. Thanks.:)

Ps. Sorry about word verification but whenever I disable it the damn spambots attack.

Roy said...

I like it too. Very bee-zzar.

About the robot word verification thing, I frequently use the recycle button until i find one that a robot could figure out.

asha said...

"I frequently use the recycle button until i find one that a robot could figure out

Me too. After all, maybe we are all robots or dreaming all this in a petri dish somewhere. I dunno. M. Lee claims I am a figment of his imagination but I don't see how that's possible because, clearly, he doesn't even exit.

Mr. Donut said...

M. Lee doesn't "exit"? Sounds like something a figment would say. Art is almost as good as comics, so can we get some? Comics?