Saturday, September 8, 2012

Optical illusion or pearl of light?

Most of Tonopah is below ground.

Outhouse behind Mizpah Hotel.
Note the TP still on the roll.

On the surface, streets and buildings

Rm. 501
Outdoor spotlights shining into our room
made sleep the first night nearly impossible.

rest precariously on twisting, overlapping,

Keeping out the light.

intersecting mazes of miner's tunnels

"Pearl" or glitch?
That white dot isn't in the other
other photos I took of the curtain.

miles and miles long.

Lady in Red's "pearl" or optical illusion?

They are the real Tonopah.


Roy said...

That's because my cat has not been there, or he would have unrolled all the TP onto the floor/ground. Because he is a clever kitty, if a little evil.

The pearl is troubling. Do we know if psycho-kinetic whosits can affect a charged-coupled device on a digital camera, the same as a roll of light-sensitive film?

asha said...

You have a new cat!? OMG! Don't unleash him on Tonopah. He could bring the whole town down in one afternoon. What's his name?

I agree. The pearl is troubling. It would seem that something or (ahem) someone has affected the (I'll take your word for it) "charged-coupled device" of my digital camera because that pearl is not on the photos I took microseconds before or after. Could it be....the Lady? Nah! It's a glitch. Right?

Roy said...

Ri-iight . . . a glitch, a technical malfunction, and not a . . . you know.

Porchy, the evil kitty, is the last of the four cats. He was always the most dysfunctional of them all, and he didn't like anybody, and now he's alone, except for the sub-standard human attendants that have been assigned to him. (moi) He changes location often, in, out, bathroom, under my chair, lying on my stomach when I am trying to watch tv, and when ever he sees a door, he must always be on the other side of it, no matter on what side he finds himself to begin with. Tonopah is not ready for him.

asha said...

Oh Porchy. Right. Yes, I remember Porchy. To hear him tell it, he's merely misunderstood.

Roy said...

I am trying to be his friend.

asha said...

According to Porchy (on his secret blog), you're a saint among men, not that he thinks too highly of men.