Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On days like these

Morning. Another day in the salt mine...dwarfs marching, picks shouldered, hoods and cloaks pulled close to fend off morning chill. But first, another cup of coffee. Hold on. I'll be right back.

Ok. While I was in the kitchen M. Lee gave me a tip. Rather than standing there for five minutes of eternity watching oatmeal cook put it in pot with water, bring it to a boil, turn off the heat, put the lid on and leave it to finish on its own. Easy peasy but is it any good? He does his overnight in a crock pot but I don't like it that way. It's kind of slimy. So where was I?

Oh right...hooded figures entering the earth. Sand continues to fall through the glass. I'm not doing much lately though I am painting. But mostly with a size 00 brush which, as you might imagine, is very tiny. It's kind of crazy but I've got two in the works. No poems though. That's been awhile. Talk about writer's block. It's awful. So I paint and have been posting photos to Panoramio.  So far, out of 62, 39 have been accepted into Google Earth so that's some small contribution anyway. And this month I submitted a couple of photos to their Geotagged Photo Contest. Woo-hoo. Kids! Win big prizes!

And, Babette is still running her operation at the Bird Park, Baby Frank is thriving, yesterday Mr. Leo did his first somersault at gymnastics and Ms. Thea Bella is really gunning it on her balance bike. So I have a lot to be grateful about.

Afternoon already? Damn. Gotta get to the gym before I turn to stone.

PS. The oatmeal turned out ok.

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someone said...

That's how I cook oatmeal. I can't stand to wait. That's kind of how I cook alot of things. Turn it off and leave.