Monday, December 3, 2012

Henry the frog and the gangster cats

At this point, 95% of the Rana sierrae have died off.

To their credit, a couple of the scientists I contacted the other night about Henry the frog immediately wrote back. Of course, both asked for a photo but I don't have one so, for now anyway, that's that. I did see him once last spring. He looked just like the Rana sierrae in the photo and he sure sounds like one. But if he is, he's a ways from home. The Rana sierrae generally live in mountain ponds above 6000 feet but Henry is down here in the valley at 5000 ft. in my desert dirt back yard. And thanks for asking, Roy. If Henry resurfaces, you'll be among the first to know.

The gangster cats have left the building

But I do have some really GREAT NEWS. The gangster cats, scourge of the Bird Park, those furry assholes who ate baby quail like they were popcorn...are GONE. Their family finally finally loaded their crap up and moved away. A repair crew has been over there for the last week gutting and repairing the place. If the broken blinds in the front window and the perpetual mess they had in the front yard and on the porch are any indication, they must have left the house a wreck.


Roy said...

Typical cat owners!

asha said...

Indeed. Cats. Oh wait a minute. I love cats too. I just don't want them hunting in my Bird Park.

someone said...

I refer you to my bad neighbor photos of a few years back. bad. neighbors.

someone said...

type in "frats" in search

asha said...

someone, you know I looked at the photos of the "frats" and just couldn't see a problem but then I realized that's because I live in Nevada. Here it's commonplace to see a half a million dollar house next door to a crummy little place with junk stacked on the porch and a vehicle or two up on blocks in the front yard.