Monday, December 10, 2012

Henry update

I heard from a couple more scientists regarding Henry the frog but without a photo and a recording of his peculiar croaking no one is convinced he's a member of the endangered Rana sierrae and, even if he were, I don't know what they'd do besides add him to the footnotes. One guy from UCSB Life Sciences was pretty dismissive about the whole thing. Why write me at all? I don't think it's good science but that's his problem. Anyway, I heard Henry again today and sadly it seems he's growing weak. I went out again determined, again, to find him but I could not. I would give him a home indoors out of the cold but it looks like it's not to be.


Roy said...

What would make him start talking? Maybe you could actually get a recording.

asha said...

I wish I knew how to get him talking but he really does sound exactly like the Rana sierrae in the link I posted but the fellow at Santa Barbara just wouldn't believe me. Poor Henry.