Thursday, December 20, 2012

Michigan H. Frog & paper floor update

Even as the days grow colder, Michigan H. Frog, aka Henry, is still alive outside my window croaking. I'm amazed. God, I wish I could find the poor fellow and bring him in. He'd have to live in a terrarium but I'd make it comfy and he'd be warm.

We will be spending a couple of weeks in Oregon with the family. Thea Bella, being three years-old now and quite expert on her balance bike, gets a real bike this year. Amazon already delivered it but M. Lee will put it together when we get there. Mr. Leo, being two, is still working on his balance bike so we have some other new toys and warm duds for him and we have some stylish new threads for Baby Frank. As for the floor, the bedroom is done and looks great. We won't put the room back together until we get back. Then on to another section of the house. This is M. Lee's winter project. In the end, the front room will be an art studio which we will share. It's definitely worth the mess and wait.

Paper floor update. The first room is done and looks great.

Oh, and happy last day of the 13th b'ak'tun.


Roy said...

The floor looks awesome. I like that it (looks like it) is not totally flat/smooth, but in in relief.
So, is today the first day of the 14th b'ak'tun, or have the Mayans totally ceded from North American philosophical foundation and we are on our own?

asha said...

Glad you like it floor. It is really nice and has texture. People don't know what it is, leather, cork, whatever? I doubt anyone would immediately think...ah ....paper.

I'm not sure if the b'ak'tuns reset or roll on but I love the apostrophes in the word. Happy whichever and winter solstice.