Sunday, January 20, 2013

Calving season and Paper Floor Update

Mr. Fancy Pants dining on a less fortunate member of the Bird Park

Word is out about the Bird Park. Mr. Fancy Pants must be talking. Lately a new hawk drops by to see what's on the menu nearly everyday. It's calving season and hawks come from all around for all the tasty afterbirth. In about two months they'll be gone though I suspect Mr. Fancy Pants is a local. He was here before the season started.

Bag 'o' floor.
Raw material for our new paper floor,
this and a whole lot of polyurethane.

I took three short videos of him devouring one the quail the other day but none are worth posting. They are all irritatingly shaky which irritates me all the more. Starting at the head, he ate the whole bird. One of the three videos jerks up and away just as he's pulling what looks like an organ out of the body. By the time he was done there was nothing left but feathers. About an hour later a covey of quail grazed through the scene but didn't seem to notice the carnage. However, since then, the quail have, for the most part, stayed away. Better they do for now but I miss them. The little birds still drop but don't stay long either. Without them, the bare trees outside my window look harsh and forlorn.

Emerging studio floor, formerly known as the living room

Inside the house is a different matter. M. Lee is plowing on with Project Paper Floor. It is the indoor fabulous Event of the Season. Currently, I am land locked in my office as he's papering the hallway and front entrance. If I want to get to the kitchen I have to go out the garage and around the house through the crunchy frozen snow, being careful not to walk on the door of the tool shed. Its three-sided shell still lays frozen to the ground across the yard where it was blown during the last wind storm. Redoing every floor in the entire house, including the closets, is a huge undertaking but it's looking great! And I have started dismantling my office, it being the Final Frontier. It is so overwhelming but little by little, right?

Studio done. Now on to the hall and entrance


Roy said...

What kind of surface is this going onto? I mean, you have no basement, right? Do you have a concrete floor then?

asha said...

Nope. It's going on crappy sub-flooring. Of course, M. Lee convinced me that he needed a new orbital sander for the job. Funny how that works. And he ended up blowing out the shop vac and needing a new one of those too. Still, it's cheaper than a wood floor and oh so lovely. Well, actually it is a wood floor, just after the wood has been turned into paper.

Roy said...

Well, in defense of M. Lee, buying power tools as you need them has a two-for-one benefit. The job gets done right, without having to pay someone, and you get a new power tool!

I saw a picture of a floor made of pennies. OMG. I hope they were all heads up.

asha said...

Pennies? Got a link? I've got to see that one.

Andry BZ said...

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