Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Poly-wolly-doodle all day news update

M. Lee sent me this hilarious link to the Beast's annual 50 Most Loathsome Americans list. I am not on it.

Monster-size casino bling

I spent the weekend at the Circus Circus hotel in Reno attending a conference. Naturally, I managed to squeeze in a photo safari.

Midway wild things eyes on you.

I'm not without a certain amount of guilt as M. Lee was home working on the floors. Hey, I'm not a total flake. He won't let me help. Trust me. I've offered but before I left, I did manage to get my office emptied out (miracle) and when I was gone M. Lee put the refrigerator back in the kitchen and the toilet back in the bathroom.

Office in parts

Now all the crap from our offices is in the middle of the living room and today he's applying the last four coats of polyurethane to those floors so they should be done by tomorrow.

All work

All play.
You don't have to rub it in.
I am already suffering monstrous guilt.

Ps. Roy, you mentioned putting a joke penny in the floor so M. Lee passed this along for your viewing pleasure. Crazy ass penny floors.


Roy said...

Awesome. I had to check Google--about 300 pennies per square foot.

Jon Crestwood said...

Don't slip on it! Plush carpet makes for a softer landing. So, no high heels, 'k?

Paula gave me Roy and Roy gave me you, if you understand what I mean.

Who doesn't love Paula? She's goddamn loveable is all.

"That is all." Oscar Wilde looking at the stars dreamed this brief, hallucinatory sentence and Paula, the little dickens, tagged me metaphysically and now wilfully deletes me. A long and convoluted story and I've yet to go through Google capcha...oh meh poor aching bones...

Roy's pic scares the hell out of me in a good way. :)

Jon Crestwood said...

Darn, comment vanished in a snap. :(