Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day three, ghosts and hard choices

We both hated Limon, M. Lee even more than I. And I don’t think it was because the place is so small or beat down or because so many of its residents work at the grim prison nearby. There is something else, something very wrong about Limon Colorado then, this evening, we read about the gruesome event that happened there back in 1900 and that feeling of dread and gloom permeating the place made sad and eerie sense.

We were back on the road by seven this morning. We needed to get an early start as today’s destination was Columbia MO, a 650 mile, 10 hour drive. I-70 goes right though Kansas City.  We also wanted to stop and have coffee with Roy. Even weeks before we left home, M. Lee and I discussed the possibility and decided the only way to do it would be to spend the night in KC. Stopping for an hour just wouldn't be enough and anyway, today’s drive was already too long. It was very disappointing but adding another night on the road just didn’t work with the rest of the schedule. We invited him to join us in DC instead. It would be great fun. We really hope he does. Who knows? Far-fetched perhaps but it could happen. We shall see.

Kansas points of interest:
8000 lb. prairie dog
World’s largest ball of twine
Kansas Barbed Wire Museum
Home of President D.D. Eisenhower


Roy said...

Since the proof of non-robotitudedness is "freeday," everybody gets a pass on. . . . everything. But I'm sorry I missed you guys--I was hoping the Kansas City rush hour wouldn't swallow you whole and spit you out the other side, changed, somehow. Although, an 8000 lb prairie dog?? I hope you didn't stop to see that, because then, you know, your trip would be done, over with, rendered moot. Did it crawl out of that big crater?

I don't know what sisal twine is, but apparently we have a shit-ton of it.

There is something wrong with a large area in eastern Colorado and western Kansas. I think it's centered in Goodland, KS. Seriously, I would avoid that. We once spent a night at a motel there and it was sort of like being in a Stephen King novel.

DC? Do they have sisal twine there? What do they have?

Don said...

A century from now the descendents of those who now stone women to death for acts of alleged adultery will look back with a similar horror. Or at least I hope so.

But weird King-ish small towns appeal to me as temporary destinations. The road really beckons today.

asha said...

Roy, I really wish we'd stopped but it would have meant adding another night and I'm not doing the driving. All the motels and restaurants are planned in advance and everyday is a 9 or 10 hour drive. It's pretty grueling. Anyway, you are in good company. We didn't visit Lee's uncle either or the 8000 lb. prairie dog.

So the malaise covers that much territory? Hmmm...that does explain a lot.

Now that you mention it, I don't see why there wouldn't be a giant ball of sisal twine in DC.

asha said...

Don, I hope you're right. I worry that a century is not long enough for things to change.

As for King-ish towns, I think I like them too until I'm in one then the best part is leaving.

Roy said...

or the 8000 lb. prairie dog

Oh please don't make him angry. You're just passing through, be we have to live with him.

asha said...

Oh god.I am soooooo sorry.. Man oh man. Now what?!? What if I send him a tractor trailer full of See's Candy? We passed a See's Candy plant awhile back. It's only a couple of states away. I'm sure they would rush an emergency shipment over to Kansas. They probably have to do it all the time. Nobody wants to piss off the 8000 lb.Prairie Dog.