Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sweet Lorraine's magic silver polishing trick

"It really works."
- Lorraine
Mostly I'm posting this (again?) for myself so I will have it. If nothing else, this blog is my file cabinet. But you can use it too. This very excellent, oh so easy, silver polishing trick even cleans the kind of silver jewelry with intricate designs that turn black deep down in the little crevasses and are impossible to reach. Compliments of dear sweet Lorraine. RIP my friend.


1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon baking soda
1 sheet of aluminum foil
1 quart water

Add dry ingredients to 1 quart boiling water.
Submerge foil in water.
Drop silver onto foil.
Tarnish will immediately disappear.
Remove silver from water.
Place on drying cloth.
Allow to dry.
To enhance affect, gently rub silver but it's not necessary.
It will come out of the water shiny as new.*


If you're thinking about trying this recipe out, I suggest you also check the comment section of this article. There are some interesting pro/con comments on this technique.


Roy said...

I DO remember this, from a previous post. Quite a while back. And I'm still trying to figure out why you need the aluminum foil.

Is this like putting a spoon, stem first, into the opening of a partially drank bottle of pop, so it won't lose its fizz?

I find scissors work really well in getting rid of stains on my white dress shirts.

Just kidding. Like a have a white dress shirt.

asha said...

Scissors work just fine, especially if they've recently been sharpened. Dunno why the foil either but that's what Lorraine said. Works like a charm.