Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Running recap, take 3.

I recently downloaded the Blogger app for my android. At first I was elated by the prospect of writing and publishing as the freeway miles unroll behind us but now, after a couple of posts have been devoured by the void, things don't look so rosy. Of course, it's probably my fault or at least the machines are very good at making it look that way. I told myself to jump right back in and rewrite them while the words still hung in the air but I was too damn frustrated.

Sunday morning in New York
with family.
Anyway, just to say by way of recap, the wedding event was simple and sweet. They were married in December so this was the blessing presided over by my, almost a priest once, brother-in-law. That's him, top photo (r). Great guy.

My sister, aka mother of the groom

Tonight we're in Georgia. We spent the afternoon walking around Savannah. The old town center is perfectly beautiful, historic and a shallow tourist trap but it works for me. We had a great lunch at the Sentient Bean, a local veggie cafe/coffee shop. They were even hosting an open mic tonight. I considered reading. I'd love to have added Savannah to my world tour list but we have a really long day tomorrow. We drive to Venice, unload the car, drive to Tampa, spend the night then get up at 4 am and catch a flight to Portland. Got to see the grandkids don't you know.

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