Friday, May 3, 2013

Slow Nickels TV

Slow Nickels is an odd name for anything but I suppose it makes sense as a laundromat although it would be more accurate to call the place Lots of Nickles. Anyway, we're at Slow Nickels doing our laundry this morning for the first time since we left Nevada. DC TV news is on. I don't know if its just me but it seems definitely different than TV news anywhere else I've been. The daily political scene plays out more like a battle in a Roman collesium, every strike broadcast, who is where doing what and everybody leaning in, keeping up blow by blow, the States themselves watching from front row seats, competing with one another, switching alliances on a moments notice like ringside hustlers buying and selling odds on each and every move. It's mad. OK. Gotta go. Time to fold laundry.


Roy said...

Slow Nickels, I thought, was an old partner of Martina "Seldom Seen" Johnson--the two of them used to steal cash boxes off of Maytag Washers in laundromats along 12th. If I remember right.

Don said...

I hear DC is another world. Too bad it has influence on our world.

asha said...

Roy, looks like Seldom Seen and Slow Nickels moved to DC and hit the petty crook cash pot.

Don, yes it is another world with long tendrils reaching everywhere...the National Archives, Dept. of Justice, the Supreme Court, the Internal Revenue Service, the EPA, Dept. of Commerce, Capitol Hill...words I've heard all my life are suddenly places.