Sunday, July 21, 2013

Morning quiz

Morning and it's already raining. This could get interesting. The highest elevation in Florida is 345 feet. That's up in the panhandle. Around here it's about an inch. Well, I exaggerate but not by much. We went on a bike ride yesterday. The labyrinth of canals, creeks, ponds and ditches that hem in the human habitat here is full to the brim.

Which brings us to the morning quiz. "Why did the ICW cross the road?"

Ok. Here's question two. Where the hell is Sonny Boy?

I'll answer that one. He's inside watching TV or something.

Question three. So why is his ancient Dad out sweeping up the rain?


Roy said...

And the correct answer is . . . what road?

Roy said...

Question 3 is a conundrum.

someone said...

like sweeping a dirt floor. I guess it is one man's answer to entropy: his own and his yard's. I hope you don't get washed away.

Mr. Donut said...

I once saw an old gent sweeping leaves out of a tree, but this is sadder and wetter and, thanks to the captioning, much more fun.