Thursday, September 26, 2013

Notes along the way

Alachua temple

Stopped at the Hare Krishna Temple in Alachua yesterday. Had a brief but nice chat with a couple who live there. They are second generation devotees. In other words, they were born in the movement. Like the devotees in New Vrindaban, they were quick to acknowledge New Vrindaban's bad old days during the '70s. That's the period my kids and I lived there.

Cool Al's code. Behave or leave.

We are in Jackson Mississippi tonight. Had dinner at Cool Al's. It's a burger joint but one of the only places in town that offers vegetarian and vegan food. We both had the Jamaican Burger and sweet potato fries. Fantastic. Four stars.

Tomorrow's destination: Amarillo Texas, about a 700 mile drive. With lunch and stops it will be a 13 or 14 hour day.


Paula said...

I discovered sweet potato (ack I keep spelling it with an E!!!) fries a couple years ago at a vegan restaurant and fell in love, but I must have them with spicy (jalapeno) tartar sauce. Trader Joes has SPFs and the yummy sauce, but I can't get them to heat properly in my screwy oven here. I'm hopeful that my new apartment has an oven with a heating element that works correctly. :)

Roy said...

I would be afraid to enter Cool Al's for fear of being thrown right back out. And they never define "excessively" in these warnings--I do love to stare at restaurant employees, but where do you draw that line?

asha said...

Paula...yes...sweeeet potato fries. They are as good as it gets. I loves 'em. Good luck with your new apartment. You, of all people, should have a very excellent oven.

Roy...I was a little nervous myself. Anytime there are rules against cursing, yelling and/or staring I'm pretty much at a loss socially.