“The road from appearance to reality is often very hard and long, and many people make only very poor travelers. We must forgive them when they stagger against us as if against a brick wall.” —Franz Kafka

Monday, October 21, 2013

Jackhammer morning

It's not as bad as it sounds. The jackhammers are not in my head. They are part of Hong Kong's eternal ambiance along with bamboo scaffolding and the sharp echos bouncing between the virus like residential spires rising up from the island rock of the South China Sea.

As usual, M. Lee has us on the run like rats so gotta go but here are a few photos for now. Have a great day.

View from the "courtyard"

Saddest street sign I ever saw


Roy said...

Those are some very noisy pictures. Keep'm coming!
Maybe we should invent a tiny Google-esque spinning street-view camera for mounting on the head.
Which reminds me--what kind of camera are you using?
And have fun. Rat-like.

asha said...

Noisy they are. :) It's a way of life here. So okay. More to come. I like the idea of the google-esque spinning street-view camera. That would be me as I'm already spinning....just so long as I don't have to edit it. I'm using Canon SX 260 HS.