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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The crazies

We're getting down  to it, deadlines closing in like walls. So what do I do? As usual. Blog about it. But not for long. I'm currently having my morning coffee so this is permissible. But must finish packing which, at this point, will require either magic or giving something up. I'll be living out of this backpack for the next 2 1/2 months.

Backpack for China & Thailand 2013
Next stop China then Thailand

Plus there's so much still to do here, including hose the spider webs off the house and call the animal shelter. When Dwayne and his wife were unceremoniously whisked off to assisted living, his cat Snooky had to stay behind. The son bought the house, moved in and Snooky was banished to the front porch. She's half crazy without Dwayne looking after her and now Nevada's bitterly cold winter is coming. The neighbor ladies are counting on me to get her into the no-kill shelter which, at the risk of coming off as one of those horrible, buttinski neighbors, I will attempt. The crazy's in the details but we leave in the morning no matter what. Ok. High class problems for sure, except for Snooky. Keep your fingers crossed. So gotta get busy.

PS. Standard packing list (via M. Lee) By comparison, my only pack is the size of her day pack. Crazy huh?

PPS. Henry the Frog is still alive. He sounds really old now but he's croaking outside my window at this moment. The guy must be a wizard.


Don said...

I admire you your adventurously peripatetic lifestyle. I can currently only dream of having the right combination of energy and wherewithal when in the far future I also have the time. I hope you send in reports; though when I was there, on the corporate dollar, blogger and blogspot were banned and unreachable.

asha said...

Yikes! What country banned blogger and blogspot?