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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another day, another 300 photos

Beijing 798 Art Zone - broken heads
Beijing 798 Art Zone

We were out all day. I'd like to post better notes about this trip for future reference but every day, by the time we get home and I finally, finally wind down enough to get around to it, the details of the day are lost or faded into irrelevance the way things do. We went to Art Zone 789 but I did take photos. Lots of photos. And posted more to the Beijing album. And tomorrow we'll get up early and launch out again. This time to a massive street market. It will be interesting. Again, I will take far too many photos to manage. And the day will fade again, like this one has faded.

Maybe I'm depressed. Maybe it's the air. Pollution has been at the extreme hazardous level for the last two days.


Roy said...

OMG. You didn't walk into the Pavilion of Literary Profundity, did you??

asha said...

I thought about running in but was already way behind the others because I'm always stopping to take photos so I just stopped long enough to photograph the sign. Then, walking on, I suddenly realized I had survived a very close call.

Roy said...